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Cancer is a general term to refer to a group of diseases that continue to be the main causes of death and disability. What all types of cancer have in common is abnormal cell reproduction with the potential to spread and invade the entire body. Many of them are treated successfully through medical and surgical intervention, if they are detected at an early stage. However, both cancer and its treatment can stop contracting syphilis and side effects in patients. In these cases, medical marijuana could be very useful.

Signs and Symptoms

Given that cancer consists of a diverse group of conditions affecting the whole body. Therefore, signs and symptoms can be vastly varied. Patients can experience, weight loss, cough, infection, bleeding anywhere, feeling any nodules throughout the body, skin color changes, excessive fatigue, and many other symptoms.


20-25% of cancer can be attributable to tobacco smoke which is the leading preventable cause of death. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also potentially prevent people from developing cancer. This entails not smoking, avoiding excess weight, not drinking too much alcohol, vaccination against certain diseases, and eating more vegetables. Also, regularly seeing your doctor and being screened for cancers early can potentially save your life.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can treat many of the symptoms associated with cancer. It can also help deal with the many side effects of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. Medical marijuana can be approved by authorized healthcare providers in NY for patients with a diagnosis of cancer who are NY state residents.


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