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Spasticity occurs as a result of disorders of the central nervous system, leading to increased contraction of muscles and can occur anywhere in the body, though most commonly occurs in the limbs. It comes from the Greek word spasmus which means drawing or pulling. Patients often refer to it as a “tightness”, “stiffness”, or “pull” of muscles


Injury to the brain or spinal cord causes spasticity. Common disorders leading to spasticity include cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or any type of spinal cord or brain injury


Diagnosis of spasticity is made clinically, most often by a neurologist. This includes a complete evaluation with a thorough history and examination. He/she may also want to do blood work or get imaging as well.


There are multiple ways of treating spasticity which may include pills, injections, and medical devices such as pumps, depending on the severity of the spasticity.

Please speak with your doctor if you suspect you may have spasticity and different options for treatment.

Medical Marijuana

Patients living with spasticity can be certified for medical marijuana by an authorized provider in NY. Medical marijuana can potentially help sufferers alleviate the burden of spasticity.


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